The IHS monogram is an abbreviation or shortening of Jesus' name in Greek to the first three letters. Thus ΙΗΣΟΥΣ, ιησυς (iēsus, "Jesus"), is shortened to ΙΗΣ (iota-eta-sigma), sometimes transliterated into Latin or English characters as IHS or ΙΗC. Contrary to some authors, the monogram originally stood for neither for Iesus Hominum Salvator ("Jesus Savior of Men") nor for "In His Service." Some attribute its origin to Constantine's vision, where he saw a cross with the inscription "In hoc signo vinces"


Origin  & history;

Christianity is an offshoot of the Hebrew religion, and now claims approximately 1/3 of the world's population as followers (over 2 billion).Christianity originated as a Jewish cult in the early part of the 1st century, when a small group of Jews became convinced that a man named Jesus ( 4 BC) was the messiah, & perhaps literally the Son of God, who had come to renew the covenant between God & humanity & expunge the sins of man.


Christianity claimed that all people were alike in spirit & could be members Led first by Jesus and later by Saul/Paul, and quickly gained converts from among all the various peoples of the region, starting with the poor. The followers of Jesus (known as Jewish Christians) eventually split from the Jewish community because they felt that He was the messiah who had been promised in the Torah, while most Jews rejected this claim


One of the main events in this split was a Jewish revolt in 70 AD which the Pauline Christians did not participate in, going instead to Pella in Jordan.  The surviving Pauline Christians were mostly gentiles, and many lived in the Roman Empire, where they were unusually persecuted for their refusal to accept the Caesars as divine beings.


Eventually, the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity & in 313 he declared (Pauline) Christianity to be the official & exclusive religion of the Roman Empire, through which it spread throughout Europe and the Med Church authority was divided between the five bishops (or patriarchs) of the Church, located in Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, Jerusalem and Rome, but gradually centered around two poles: Rome and Constantinople

In 1054, these two branches of Christianity, which had grown apart in belief & practice, split, establishing Roman Catholic Church & Orthodox Church. The Catholic Church split again in 1517 when a priest named Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a door in Germany & started Protestant Reformation Protestants have divided still further into many denominations, all of which consider themselves (as do the Catholics and Orthodox) to be Christian.



1.We believe in one god,the father,the almighty,maker of heaven and earth of all that is seen and unseen.

2.God is a trinity of father,son,and holy spirit.

3.Jesus died as was resurrected as proof of his divinity.

4.Heaven and hell both exist