How to Sale Your Phone and earn money!!!



Buying and selling phones earns money and is an old method of getting some quick cash.


Start off by going to craigslist and search out phone sellers!  A Golden Rule of Electronics is try not to purchase any phones older than 2 years since the Manufacture's Date. Apple products tend to hold value for at least 3-4 years longer than average. If you are tech savvy person and is able to buy a defective phone, you should fix  it and then use the methods in this article to earn some extra money.


The Majority of broken phones relates to broken screens. If you are able to fix a broken screen, you can buy a phone with broken screen and do the repairs yourself with a limited amount of equipment. Next put an ad on craigslist that you are buying used and cracked screen phones.  Guide To Buying & Selling Cell Phones


A seller will call you saying that he wants to sell his used or damaged phone like a Samsung galaxy S6 phone for example, ask him about the condition of the phone, also ask him if he can send you a picture of the phone but don’t talk about price right now tell him you will call him after reviewing product.


Your next move is to visit eBay’s website and check the prices of used phones with cracked screens like the Samsung galaxy S6 and get an average selling price in mind!  After that check the price of the phone and the condition you are buying, it very important to get price as per condition of the phone you are buying.


Now you have got an idea of the sales price of the phone. Now set your mind in negotiation mode when you conversate with the seller, so you can put yourself in a position to maximize your profits. A Guide To Start A Cell Phone Retail Business


If the negotiations fails get to a price where you are able to get 25% profit, then it would be of no use. Sometime sellers do their homework and don’t get persuaded under pressure, all you can do is tell them to keep the phone and in a time span of 1 to 2 weeks if it doesn’t get sold then call you back if you can agree on my price.


Also with that deal made give them some reasons to worry like some scratch on phone or any other small defect but don’t forget to point it out. Most of time seller will call you back.

Now as you buy the phone at your price, you need to put it on market to sell.


Put it on eBay, put ads with pictures on craigslist and other online portals. The best way to get fast buyers is to advertise with pictures on Facebook groups, get in local groups and in marketable groups. You will surely attain some attention.


You will be real busy with this business with lots of calls, so don’t forget to keep track and documentation of each of them so you will be organized when they call! It is an awesome market to make tons of Cash!


Good Luck.