Symbol of Jainism:

The hand with a wheel on the palm symbolizes the Jain vow of Ahimsa(non-violence).The world in the middle is Ahimsa which represents to halt the cycle of reincarnation through relentless pursuit of truth.


Origin and History:

 Jainism is an independent and most ancient religion of India. Jainsim is an eternal religion.  Jainism is revealed in every cyclic period of the universe, and this constitutes the pre-historic time of Jainism. And there is a recorded history of Jainism since about 3000-3500 BC.The discovery of the Indus Civilization seem to have thrown a new light on the antiquity of Jainism. The evidence suggests that Jainism was known among the people of the Indus Valley around 3000-3500 B.C. Some nude figures, considered to be of Rishabha Dev on the seals have been discovered at Mohenjodaro and Harrappa. There is an article that suggests the representation of the seventh Thirthankara Suparshvanath.The people of the Indus Valley not only practiced Yoga but worshipped the images of Yogis. There are figures in Kayotsarga posture of standing are peculiarly Jain.


In addition, the sacred signs of swastika are found engraved on a number of seals. Furthermore, there are some motifs on the seals found in Mohen-jo-Daro and it is suggested that these motifs are identical with those found in the ancient Jain art of Mathura. This presence of Jain tradition in the earliest period of Indian history is supported by many scholars. It strongly suggests that Jainism existed in pre-Aryan time.



1.The principle of non-injury (often called non-violence) ... non injuryahavira taught that all beings desire life.

2.Celibacy: Total abstinence from sex.


4.non-acquisition(the more a man is wealthy,the more will he be unhappy)

5. relativity. This is the theory of relativity, not being absolute in one's points of view, and seeking relativism in all things.



# 1 – Jainism was founded by Mahavira Swami.

# 2 – Jainism is a reactionary sect founded as a revolt against the Vedas and Brahminism.

# 3 – Jains are basically Hindus who have adopted a Jain way of Worship.

# 4 – Jainism can be accommodated under the umbrella of Hinduism because Hinduism is a general religion and Jainism is a specific religion. Sanatan Dharma is a way of life and synonymous with Indian culture.

# 5 – Because of same culture, heritage, history, customs and land Jainism and Hinduism cannot be distinct from each other.

#6- Hindus and jains are the same.